About Pleasure Pools™



Gerald Bishop, Jeff's father, started Pleasure Pools™ as a home construction company to provide a group of college students a way to pay their way through college.  In 1956, one of his spec homes was entered in the local builders' association “Parade of Homes.” 

To separate the home from the other builders' homes, he decided to include an in-ground swimming pool.  The response from the public was overwhelming, not for the home, but for the pool. 

Three years later, Gerald began manufacturing swimming pool panels, liners, and other pool components.  By 1965, prefab pool kits were being shipped to independent Pleasure Pools™ dealers in 28 states.  

In 2010, Jeff and Bobbi moved to Portland, Tennessee and started selling and installing Pleasure Pools in the southern Kentucky and middle Tennessee areas.

in 2017, Jeff and Bobbi's oldest daughter and son-in-law, Stacy and Anthony Darrell, moved to join the team.  They will be a blessing to all Pleasure Pools customers.  Pleasure Pools™ is truly a family business.